DystoWorld is a multi-faceted ecosystem for bringing digital goods into The Metaverse. Our team handles smart contract development and deployment in the form of a launchpad, immediate utility in the form of virtual land, and security with a user-friendly experience for non-crypto natives.

DystoWorld's ecosystem will benefit users and creators alike. Creators will benefit from our technical expertise as we provide a seamless process to launch digital goods in NFT form and bring them instant value via our multiplayer game environments. Our development team handles smart-contract development and deployment through a user-friendly experience.


With our community-first approach, we recognize that immediate value and utility are created not just by the platform but also by the creators that make use of its tools.

Because of this, in our fair-launch primary phase, we will distribute free Parcels for you to display your NFTs and onboard integration with the wider DystoWorld ecosystem.


The DystoWorld Launchpad is our primary and proprietary product, the place where digital goods enter existence. Here, we provide a streamlined process handled by our professional team, managing the deployment and development of your NFT project; from smart contract implementation to metadata upload.

We'll take a close look at both the operational and technical aspects of the project, taking the stress out of the process.


The DystoWorld Portal is a virtual platform composed of parcels. These are NFTs allowing players to own a portion of the DystoWorld ecosystem. Parcels enable owners to host games and sell assets via The Launchpad.

Parcels are presented as 2D assets on a map, each corresponding to a 3D virtual space. Owning a Parcel means you can customize the logo or upload a profile picture that represents the space and your project.

AI Generated Personality

By using the power of GPT3, we create personalities for your PFP NFTs, enabling public interactions with each one of them, while they are staked in DystoWorld portal.

Not only that owners can showcase their NFTs in our 3D rooms, but they will also be able to bring them to life and profit from their interactions with other Portal visitors.


Dystowarz is our proprietary game and will lead the way for projects that make use of the $DYSTO token. It will be the first candidate for both The Portal and The Launchpad. Dystowarz will also pioneer the way through the LaunchPad's curation process.

The year is 2145. Since our time, carbon emissions have surpassed critical levels, rendering the Earth nigh-uninhabitable outside the confines of man-made shelters. With trees mostly reduced to ash, radiation now permeates the atmosphere and engulfs our once-blue planet.


The economy of the broader ecosystem is carefully crafted to collect $DYSTO for sold items and use $DYSTO as a reward for key actions executed within the ecosystem.

The $DYSTO ins and outs will be adjusted to carefully release the whole 400m $DYSTO supply within five years. The play-to-earn rewards will continue after this period, relying on the revenue from DystoWorld Launchpad and Dystowarz royalties.


Aside from the contracts present in our ecosystem, we offer smart contract templates for in-game usage or that aid the mechanics of the NFT collections.

Some of these smart contracts integrate rewards in $DYSTO with collections or games, aid trading digital goods for $DYSTO, staking digital goods for $DYSTO, and provide many other interactions that help games to integrate $DYSTO into their ecosystem.


DystoWorld will be complex, integrating mechanics from all types and sizes of games and NFT collections with a rich set of smart contracts and blockchain interactions. Dystowarz alone will have a complex suite of actions: minting, staking, upgrading, and trading.

The Portal and Launchpad also have to accommodate land creation, staking, digital good minting, and trading.

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