The DystoWorld Launchpad is our primary and proprietary product, the place where digital goods enter existence. Here, we provide a streamlined process handled by our professional team, managing the deployment and development of your NFT project; from smart contract implementation to metadata upload. We'll take a close look at both the operational and technical aspects of the project, taking the stress out of the process.

The Launchpad will be maintained by our highly trained team of blockchain engineers, audited and ensured to be home only to high quality projects through our unique curation process. This allows creators to launch multi-faceted projects, with many feature sets and improved scalability. It ensures that users are confident your project is backed by a strong development team and audited for security.

The Launchpad should become a reliable revenue stream for games, artists, and collections in the DystoWorld Portal. Its value consists in both growing the user base and in helping project teams issue and distribute their NFTs, having comprehensible mechanisms for whitelisting, private and public sales, and even casual new asset issuance.

NFTs listed in the DystoWorld Launchpad can be sold in varying tokens, such as $DYSTO, $WETH, $MATIC, $BNB, $USDC. The service fee for minting/selling the tokens using the DystoWorld smart contracts and Launchpad is 7.5% of the minting price of the token or 2.5% if the mint is done in $DYSTO.

In terms of interface and usability, the launchpad will be equipped with a modern and flexible design, including filters; search; news and trending sections, and user transaction history. Activity here will be recorded and used for the DystoWorld Portal gamification and reward mechanisms for active users.

The Launchpad will also be home to projects aiming to achieve immediate utility to their NFTs; starting with the DystoWorld Portal.

*Please see the technical documentation for additional information

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