AI Generated Personality

As a cutting-edge feature for the NFT collections that are distributed through Dystoworld Launchpad, we use AI to bring the collection to life.

By using the power of GPT3, we create personalities for your PFP NFTs, enabling public interactions with each one of them, while they are staked in DystoWorld portal.

Not only that owners can showcase their NFTs in our 3D rooms, but they will also be able to bring them to life and profit from their interactions with other Portal visitors.

Each visitor will be able to start a chat session with a staked NFT and each NFT can be parametrized by the owner to have slightly a different personality. Whenever a chat session starts, this will be marked in our internal database and increase the yield generated via staking by the said NFT.

We believe that this feature will further incentivize NFT staking, as well as referrals to our platform and Dystoworld Portal. Staking is paramount for NFT collections because it lowers the potential sell pressure and keeps the floor price higher. By having access to this feature immediately after the mint is completed, the initial floor drop (common amongst NFT collections) can be much more easy to manage and overcome.

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