DystoWorld will be complex, integrating mechanics from all types and sizes of games and NFT collections with a rich set of smart contracts and blockchain interactions. Dystowarz alone will have a complex suite of actions: minting, staking, upgrading, and trading. The Portal and Launchpad also have to accommodate land creation, staking, digital good minting, and trading.

Besides these, we offer smart contract templates to aid development and deployment, from in-game usage to aiding the mechanics of NFT collections themselves. The aim of these is to aid games and projects integrating $DYSTO into their ecosystem through trading & staking rewards, and more.

Interoperability will also be at the heart of the DystoWorld ecosystem. To facilitate this, we’ll operate with a multi-chain model, beginning with Ethereum and Polygon but with plans to expand beyond in the future. Here are our reasons for believing a multi-chain model is the best fit for DystoWorld -

  1. Having a hybrid blockchain model, beginning with Ethereum and Polygon, allows us to utilize the lower network fees of Polygon with the broad reach of Ethereum.
  2. EVM and Solidity are the most widely-used and documented programming languages. We can make use of these to reduce development costs and increase outreach to new, talented developers, with easy access to the broad documentation.
  3. Matic, as opposed to other EVM based chains, has an easier to reach team and a better overall response time regarding any issues that might arise.
  4. Ethereum is the biggest blockchain for NFT activity, usage, and value.

Single-network projects have their own benefits, but by using both Matic and Ethereum we can get the best of both worlds: The ease of implementing smart contracts in Solidity; the speed and low fees of Polygon's proof-of-stake, and also from the value that digital goods have when residing on Ethereum.

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